About US

Our mission is to inspire, enable, challenge and empower boys and young men to realize their full potential by putting forth their maximum efforts to become responsible, healthy, productive and successful members of society.

Who We Are

Young Men of Valor

We are a group of professionals in our respective fields as well as leaders in our communities.

We are concerned about the direction our boys and young men are taking.

We have dedicated and committed ourselves, our time and our resources to make a difference in their lives.

We will provide them guidance, encouragement and options as they progress from childhood to adulthood.

A non-profit community organization designed to work with young boys in helping them develop into young men.

An organization with a vision to build boys into respectable men by teaching them the basic fundamentals of life and manhood.

We challenge them to improve physical abilities, their spiritual knowledge and their ability to make wise decisions.

What We Teach

Character Development

Leadership Development


Community Service

Respecting Others


Cultural History


Developing Problem Solving Skills

Developing Communication and Interpersonal Skills

Adoration and Reverence for God

Love of Parents

Preparing for Success

Financial Management

Activities Include

Camping out

Obstacle Course & Road Marches

Men Talk

Bible Study & Memory Verses

Leadership & Team Building

Learning How to Tie a Necktie

Learning How to Change a Tire & Check Fluids

Learning How to Read a Map

Young Eagles Flight Program - www.eaa.org/eaa/youth/free-ye-flights

Learning How to read a Blueprint & Hands-on skill building

Learning about Electrical circuits

Self-Evaluation & Assessment

Good Choices & Bad Choices