Spotsylvania Sunday School Union, Spotsylvania Chapter of the NAACP & Local Churches Proudly Presents


This event is designed to strengthen the body, challenge the mind and build the character, self-esteem and pride in each young man that participates in this life-changing event.

The Rites of Passage and its administrators reserve the right to determine who will participate in it's programs, the receipt of an application notwithstanding.
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Boys Ages

10 yrs to 17 yrs

Please complete the application and return to the coordinator by at to participate. However, there will be a for all applications received .
Note: Please ensure to complete all forms.
(ps. Turn in the Application Early!)

Activities Include

Camping out

Bible study

First aid

Road march

Obstacle Course

Young Eagles Flight Program

Learn to read a map & compass

Leadership & team building

Learn to tie a necktie

Learning how to change a car tire

Other Education Activities


Contact Person

Mozett (Moe) Petway; Coordinator

Spotsylvania chapter of the NAACP & Spots´╗┐ylvania Sunday School Union SSSU

Phone: (540) 847-7637